Weekly Goals

My plan is to post about my weekly goals on Sundays – more for my benefit than for anything. I have always found I do very well when I make a list. I have piles and piles of notebooks, papers, and post-its full of lists. I have just recently been thinking about combining them all into a Bullet Journal (but that’s a post for another day).

For now, here are my goals for this upcoming week:

  • Finish the Gold Scarf (maybe 2-4 hours while binge-watching Life in Pieces on Netflix)
  • Decide on borders for Peter’s Penguins & put on (this could be completed Tuesday as this is the day I work from home – depending on how much work I have to do). Here are my choices: I am really leaning toward NO borders and simply bin it in red. I would love some opinions on this!
  • Decide on & complete back for Peter’s Penguins
  • Create status papers for each project – I found these great Free Printables at HelloMellyDesigns and I want to cut it up and put a section in each of my project boxes – or use it in my planner (decisions!)
  • Look at February planner (what didn’t work for January) – maybe purchase things for Bullet Journal???

I think this is good for my week…wait the week includes next Saturday, and since I’m not sure if we have plans or not I better include something to do just in case we don’t…

  • Layer & start quilting Groovy Pluses (this baby is huge and requires TIME & a million pins – and maybe spray basting as well)

Ok now I feel like I have plenty to report back on Saturday evening – I am off to prep for work for the week and be lazy – today’s To Do – Laziness!

Don’t forget to give your opinion on borders for Peter’s Penguins!!!


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