Weekly Goals – 1/31/18

I am a little late in posting this week’s goals. I wanted to do this Sunday but I was busy sewing and I figured working on goals trumped writing them – or does it? I honestly have no idea. And yesterday – well, I hate Mondays!

Regardless, let’s look at last week’s goals:

  • Finish Gold Scarf – DONE & posted here.
  • Decide on borders for Peters Penguins – decided no borders and to bind in red.
  • Decide & complete back for Peter’s Penguins – DONE will show in finishes post.
  • Create status papers for all UFOs – DONE
  • Look at February planner – well sort of. I decided my current planner wasn’t working for me. I ordered supplies for Bullet Journaling and will post about that soon.

Now for this week’s list:

  • Fix Frannie’s Faux Pas – I am going to fix my daughter’s jeans!
  • Layer Groovy Pluses
  • Make Granola Bars – I found a recipe I really want to try on Pinterest (1 recipe – many variations)
  • Finish tying Fredly – this quilt is ridiculously close to finishing)
  • Make outline for #bujo (bullet journal)
  • Hem Gray Gary – another piece ridiculously close to finishing
  • Start quilting Groovy Pluses (see above picture)

Some items on this are time-consuming and some aren’t – some can be done while binge watching Netflix (I have a new favorite show), some can’t. I try to keep a variety of items going.

I have a busy schedule next weekend so this list might have some carryover into next week; we’ll see.


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