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One of my favorite podcasts is What Should I Read Next. While it is a joy to listen to, it is a hazard for my TBR [To Be Read] list. I have found so many great books from listening to Anne (the host).

Recently Anne came out with her 2018 Reading Challenge. I really enjoyed how the 2017 Reading Challenge forced me to read outside my normal range so I am definitely participating again.

In addition, I have set a lofty goal via Goodreads – 125 books this year. I told you it was lofty.

Here is what I have read so far:

When I first saw this in the stores I wasn’t sure. Then I looked at the reviews and people were raving about how good it was – they were right! It was so good!!! Not only was it funny, which you would expect from Kevin Hart but it was also inspiring! Good book!

I decided to listen to this book (I read it years ago as a small girl) because it was read by the author EB White. He did an amazing job! I really enjoyed this book so much more as an adult. I am learning that I really enjoy YA more than I thought I would – another suggestion from the WSiRN podcast.

This book is from one of my favorite genres – contemporary fiction with a sub-genre of everyday family life. I might be weird but I love reading about families as messed up as mine. I really wish I knew an author that could write about my messed up clan (boy that would be a page-turner).

This was a slow-starter for me. I really want to see the movie but as per the norm for me- needed to read the book first. I’m glad I pushed through the beginning because it did get better. Now to find the movie…

Those are in my Virtual Finished Pile (I rarely buy a physical book anymore). Now onto what I am currently reading:

I have no guilt about stopping a book that simply doesn’t work for me, so don’t be surprised if one or more of these don’t make it to the Virtual Finished Pile. I’ll report again soon.


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2 thoughts on “I Love to Read

  1. Have you read “Eleanor and Park”? I forget the author’s name, but I’m sure if you search that you’ll find it. It is a YA novel, and very good! Keep the tissues handy, though.

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