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It has taken a great deal more time than what was necessary but I have finally gotten around to getting my new blog up and running after the fiasco that was last year; The fiasco that caused me to lose all my posts from Quilter in The Gap & Rhonda’s Ramblings all the way back to 2011. I didn’t bounce right back at it – I wallowed in my sorrow for a bit first. But 2018 is a new year and I am back!

2017 was rough all the way ’round. I went through a couple jobs (tough jobs), worked VERY hard, and threw a few fits. But as I said just a minute ago, 2018 is a new year – full of new opportunities!

I am now looking for a new job – the right job – and in the meantime I am working on my UFOs, working part time, rebuilding my blog, and enjoying my family. All of these things are being done at a slow pace – life was too fast, too hectic, and too hard in 2017 and I didn’t like it.

Depending on the job I am able to land, I am considering restarting my podcast. I’m not sure about this for one reason – podcasting has changed dramatically since I had my podcast. I’m not sure anyone is in the market for a “down-home” type podcast anymore. They all seem so commercial anymore. But I digress….some things never change!

I have stepped away from hosting for the FAL this year but I am still participating and I will certainly blog about them here. If you notice, you will see a FAL page with its history and a page with my UFOs listed.

At this point I don’t know what my plan is except to chatter away as I always have. I have my social media listed up above my mug shot and you can get updates via Bloglovin’ (see below) or via email (over by my big head). Or you can choose to close the window and never come back – of course I hope this isn’t what you do. I hope you will tell someone I’m back. Talk about me – you won’t be the first **grins**.

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6 thoughts on “Hey Y’all

  1. I am in the market for a down home podcast!! I get so bored by interview after interview with designers I’ve never heard of, who all seem to say the same things. I prefer to hear from real people about their real lives. I really enjoyed your podcast when you were doing it.

  2. Welcome back. It is good to get a blog post from you.
    I will listen to your podcasts. I enjoy the neighborly, friendly podcasts.

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