Gold Scarf – A Finish

I cannot tell you the last time I finished anything. While this is a small finish – it’s still a finish! I really think my Weekly Goals list I posted last week really helped. When I post my new list I will review which items were completed (most, if not all).

For now, let’s talk details of this fun scarf while there’s still enough cold weather left to wear it.

I found this pattern on Pinterest but it came from Megmade with Love – an amazingly talented crochet pattern designer who created this pattern for free (link below).

Here is my finished cowl:

Can I just say…I hate pictures of me! But oh well! It’s the cowl that is on display here! **sniggers**

Here are a couple more pics without me in them…

That is one item ticked off the 2018 FAL list.

Scarf Stats:
Name: Gold Scarf (original I know)
Made for: Me. Mustard is one of my favorite colors right now.
Buttons: Honestly have no idea – came from my massive button jars (yep, there are two)
Hook: Size H – 5 mm
Size: 7″ x 29″
Pattern: Textured Boho Cowl, can be found here.
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