2018 Q1 Projected Finishes

I realize this post is a little late but I didn’t miss the deadline…..let me explain.

You see, since I knew I was going to be late in getting the blog together, I went ahead and posted my Projected Finishes via Instagram – #2018Q1allthings. I am just putting them here now for prosperity.

So here we go…

In the first quarter, I plan to finish the following items from my UFO list

    1. Peters Penguins – This is a Mystery Quilt my daughter started back when I was teaching her how to sew. Now she is disillusioned to think sewing is not for her. She’ll learn!! (a few HST started & that is it!!)
    2. Gold Scarf – it’s really more of a mustard color but I like the idea of gold around my neck **wink** This is something I wanted to wear this winter…ugh!
    3. Frannie’s Faux Pas – need to fix these for my daughter at some point. 
    4. Fredly Found – I started this quilt years ago and upon moving a couple years ago I found it in a suitcase (just need finish tying and bind it – I hate tying but it was all I knew how to do when I first started)
    5. Mixed Stitches – these are bee blocks from 2017 that I have quilted halfway with pearl cotton prior to putting my blocks together. After I put my blocks together I will quilt them the rest of the way. Its almost QAYG but not really. 
    6. Groovy Pluses – A commission quilt that really needs to be done since now I can’t charge anything for it! (top & back completed, needs layered, quilted & bound)
    7. Gray Gary – a skirt I made and it is so close to finishing I just need to hem it – What is wrong with me??

There are so many things “wrong” with this list I wonder if I might need mental help! For example, why would I make an entire skirt, get all the way to hemming and STOP? Why? That is absurd, yet there it is in my UFOs. Or how does one find a quilt in a suitcase YEARS after making it – I literally forgot about it – how does this happen? Mental assistance is needed, Y’all!!

Well, since there is no changing crazy, especially crazy that goes way back, let’s just move on and “git er done”.

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